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Pet Safety While Painting

Pets are beloved members of any household. They love to be loved and get excited when you do. There’s no question they are a part of your family!

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Pets are beloved members of any household. They love to be loved and get excited when you do. There’s no question they are a part of your family! When you’re making the best use of your time indoors this winter and painting the rooms in the interior of your home, the pets may want to be part of the action. But when you’re in a groove with open paint cans lying around, and have your hands full with loaded rollers and wet brushes, the curiosity of your furry family members can create some challenges.

Sometimes pets can get into trouble if they have full access to your work zone. Perhaps your pup, who cannot stand being away from you, comes in and walks through your tray full of freshly poured paint. Or maybe he leaps up against the wall you just finished, marking the wet paint with a pair of paw prints. Perhaps your curious kitty wants to get a closer look—or sniff—of the wet brushes you’ve so carefully balanced, only to knock them over, sending paint splatter in all directions. Even worse than a potential mess, there are safety risks involved when pets are exposed to your project space and painting supplies. However, when you keep them out, they might cry, wanting to be near you. Many pet owners know the challenge! So what are some tips and tricks for painting when you’ve got four-legged companions in the household?

When painting with pets around, make sure your pets don’t have unsupervised access to paints and supplies. If you want to allow the pets to be nearby, make sure to keep them occupied. Getting them a new bone or interesting toy can give them something else to focus on while you work on your painting project. If the new bone or toy doesn’t keep their attention, then perhaps you have some friends or neighbors who would be willing to watch them during the project. Consider giving a responsible teenager in your neighborhood the opportunity to earn a little cash with a temporary pet sitting job. And there is always doggy daycare for the day. Many veterinarians, pet stores, and other companies offer this service. You can also schedule a grooming appointment where you can drop your dog off for the whole day.

There are many other benefits to keeping pets out of the project space:

Safety is important no matter what you’re doing. When pets are able to freely roam in the room or area where you’re painting, this can present a number of safety hazards. Your pet may get underfoot and cause you to trip when you’re backing up or moving around. Not only could you injure your pet or yourself, but the potential to trip while you have a full can or tray of paint in your hand means a big mess is certainly a possibility as well.
Fumes can be very toxic to animals. Even if you don’t smell them, this doesn’t mean paint fumes aren’t still lingering following your project. It’s always best to allow a couple of days for a freshly painted room to air out before you let the little guys in, especially if it is a smaller or more confined space without much ventilation or air flow. Always choose low VOC paint for homes with pets or children. Paint fumes are created by substances called volatile organic compounds, so low VOC products will help reduce the risk of toxicity caused by lingering fumes.
Paint your walls, not the pets. This may seem obvious, but when pets are permitted in the project space, there is always the potential for paint to get on them—or even worse, into them. The chemicals in paint can be irritating or even harmful to their skin and eyes, and can certainly make them sick if ingested.
There are many more benefits to keeping pets out of the rooms you’re painting. At My Painter, LLC we make sure to keep everyone in mind when doing a job, and that includes the furry members of your family. If you find yourself wishing for freshly painted walls, but don’t want the hassle of trying to juggle a painting project with pets on the scene, then don’t hesitate to call us today! Let us take care of your project so you can keep taking care of your pets.

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