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Pet and Child Proof Paint

Pet owners and parents know the struggle of keeping their walls clean. Do you remember that time the kids decided to take crayons and markers to the wall?

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Pet owners and parents know the struggle of keeping their walls clean. Do you remember that time the kids decided to take crayons and markers to the wall? And maybe more vividly you remember how long it took you to scrub their scribbles off. If you haven’t experienced it yet and you’ve got a little one, it’s only a matter of time… there is just too much bare wall for them to handle when they have captured that desired pen you won’t let them have. Not to mention that beautiful rain that came down and then your dog rolled in the mud afterwards only to splatter it all over the walls. So, is it possible to get a paint that is kid and pet proof? Here are three suggestions to make that happen.

The hardest part about painting is choosing the paint color that you want. Now that the scribbles have gotten out of hand and the dog had scratched up the paint on the walls enough for you to think about repainting let’s look at some options that will help prevent this from happening all over again.

Go with High quality!

If you’ve picked your beloved color but really want to it in a flat finish then you’ll have to make sure you get a very high-quality paint. The higher the quality of paint the more the washable the paint will be. Flat paints used to be un-washable but now flat paints have advanced.

Kelly Moore has an Acry-Plex Interior Latex Flat Enamel is recognized for being able to be scrubbed repeatedly.
WallHide’s has a matte/ceramic has become notorious for working well with walls that need frequent cleanings.
Pittsburgh Paints has a moderately washable paint in their Manor Hall Interior Latex Paint. This includes their Flat/Matte and ceramic sheens.
Benjamin Moore has an established line of interior latex paints that is washable even in flats, matts and eggshell called Aura.

Keep it High Gloss

Most people don’t like a high gloss paint in their home, however it is the best sheen when it comes to being washable. High-quality is still important because it smakes the paint more washable. One of the best things to do when your home is crazy with little ones and dogs putting up wainscot on half the wall (the half that gets the brunt of the storm of hands and paws). Installing that in your home and then painting it with a high-gloss will give your home protection and make it washable.

Make it Non-Stick

Many people cook with non-stick pans, Teflon being one of them. Some paint manufactures put a liquid additive of Teflon in their paints. So, does the non-stick really work? Well as easy as it is to clean those pans with a little soap and a rag it should be just as easy to clean the walls. The good news is that it is! Scuffs, dirt, and stains come off as easy as a little rub with a wet rag. This tends to be the most washable of all the paints. They can be hard to find and purchase though.

Painting with the correct kind of pant for your home and family is important because you see it every day on every wall. Making sure that you can clean the messes that seem like they are happening daily is essential. My Painter understands the imperative need to be picky and get the right color with the right properties. We are here to help you with all your painting needs both interior and exterior. We give free home estimates! Call us today!

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