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Paint Colors That Will Improve Your Business

Did you know that making the right color choice for your walls can help to drive in more business or boost productivity? Well it can...

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You may be familiar with our blog discussing colors and how they affect your mood, but if you are a business owner, did you know that making the right color choice for your walls can help to drive in more business or boost productivity? Well it can, and My Arlington Painter is here to guide you through how.

Red has the power to really grab people’s attention. That is why it is so often referenced as a power color. Too much red can make people feel agitated, but if you use red as an accent wall it can add just the right amount of alertness to your business.

Green is commonly associated with nature and growth. Studies have shown that green excites creativity among people. So, if you are eager to motivate your employees into being more productive, signs may point to adding some green to your walls.

Blue is by far the most common favorite color, and for good reason! Blue is a calming color that evokes trust. For a real crowd pleaser, choose blue for common areas where your employees gather or for the main color scheme of your shop.

Orange in a business setting is often associated with a good value. So, if you are wanting to advertise your business as a good value subliminally, try to incorporate a bit of orange. On the other hand, if you provide high end services and supplies and want to drive a different sort of clientele, perhaps skip the orange in your color scheme.

Similarly, to blue, pink is also known to quell nerves and to calm people down. For this reason, businesses that see a lot of stressed clients, like law firms, may use pink to ease the minds of those they meet with.

Of course, there are many more colors than those listed here with many more mood affecting properties. This list, however, is aimed at the colors that will most likely benefit your business, whatever it may be. At My Arlington Painter, we are friendly and respectful professionals that can paint your business when you need it painted. If you want a team that works around your schedule and not the other way around, give us a call today!

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