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Recently we have been featured in an article written by ARLnow and sponsored by Monday Properties. They take the time to find out about the local businesses in the Arlington area that are made quality

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Recently we have been featured in an article written by ARLnow and sponsored by Monday Properties. They take the time to find out about the local businesses in the Arlington area that are made quality of people and materials. The article sets the stage with how whenever you go to set up an appointment to have your home or business cleaned that it just leads into a contractor that then leads into a subcontractor. This leads to headaches and a less than par job. The article then goes on to say “Harrison Edwards” the owner of My Arlington Painter “wanted to do things a little differently.”

Expounding on this ARLnow goes onto say that Edwards wanted to start up this painting business as a “one-stop shop for painting needs”. However, it was never intended to just be a business, but it was always to be more than that. My Arlington Painters has built their company as an “employee based” company to be able to “form close relationships” with their clients. This was to be able to take away the stress and frustration that comes with using subcontractors.

This has allowed the company to work off referrals and more than that we have been able to keep them as long-term clients. The callbacks that they receive from people mean that “each client could theoretically be worth $1000 per year”. This means that the company has been focused on top notch customer satisfaction to be able to get callbacks. More often than not though, these jobs are just one-time jobs that just leave each customer happy.

As a small company of just 13 employees it will soon be “looking to expand with another 7 employees in 2019”. The area to which the do work expands throughout not just the Arlington area but also to the Washington D.C. region. In order to be able to keep up with this large area and work, it certainly reveals why the need to expand its work force so much. Even though they are planning on expanding they will always maintain their care for customers the same way.

In the same vein Edwards went onto say that the company tries to make sure that they are least intrusive when it comes to the preparation process and tries to ensure with every choice and action that they are respecting the client and their home. Additionally, he tries to make sure that everything goes smoothly before and after the initial painting process has finished. Edwards does this ahead of time by bringing on a color consultant. This allows for the homeowner to collaborate with a professional to make sure that they are going to get the desired results. After the painting is done, Edwards himself “helps clients coordinate with the painters on areas that may need work or touch ups”.

His concluding comments were: “It’s all about taking the headache, heartache and hassle out of painting”. This is something that he has certainly achieved for many homeowners. Call My Arlington Painter today for a free home evaluation and see for yourself that we provide excellent customer service!

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