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Helpful Tips for Painting Your Home In Summer

Summer has finally arrived, and some days have can seem to be sizzling. Painting your house during the summer heat may seem daunting, so leave it to the professionals.

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What's in Your Summer Plans... Painting?

Summer has finally arrived, and some days have can seem to be sizzling. Painting your house during the summer heat may seem daunting, so leave it to the professionals. My Arlington Painter knows how to get the best finish on your home despite the summer heat. Our team of trusted professionals will take the hassle out of your summer.

If you’re planning on a refresher coat of exterior paint, it can be cagey, but you can take it on during summer months. It is best to paint between 40 - 90 degrees F for oil-based paint and between 50 – 85 degrees F for latex. The best drying time is when relative humidity is 40% to 70%.

We're not masters over the weather so here's some helpful tips:
Early morning or late evenings are good for painting, taking advantage of cooler summer temps. If you end up having to get on the roof, do so first thing in the early morning. Roofing material, especially asphalt shingles, can get quite hot in the sun which can cause you to slide and fall on melted asphalt, damage the shingles, and get sticky asphalt on you or your paint.

Look for a calm, dry day—windy days can cause dust and debris to stick to your paint job, and rain will damage your finish. Avoid direct sunlight for painting. Preparing your surface is even more important in summer. Professionals suggest that the surface preparation should take as long as the paint job.

Stay in the shade around the house so you are not painting in the hottest areas. Your blessing will be overcast days so work long days and get as much done as possible on those days so you will have less to do in the extreme heat. Remember, too much heat can cause the paint to dry too quickly, distorting the texture. Using the best quality paints and materials will help with this. Look for the materials that are made for all weather.

If applying a second coat, you will need to double the drying time in hot and humid weather before the second coat. If you paint too soon, the first coat could peel off on your roller—which is a real problem to correct. Always keep hydration for yourself a first priority as well. Heat and humidity can not only harm your new paint job, but it can also deplete you in a hurry. Plenty of water for you and shade for your painting is the key.

If you prefer a professional job and to not worry about all of these cautionary tips, give My Arlington Painter a call or fill out the online form for a custom consultation and estimate.

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